So You’ve Launched—What’s Next?

03.09.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course Launching your brand with a BANG by Luna Vega


Now that you’ve launched, you need to keep your audience interested.

You want to inspire them with your content. Remember the editorial calendar you built? You should already have content that’s ready to send out if you did your homework. Stay ahead of the game.

Don’t forget how powerful it is to stay consistent with your social media! You’ve already launched, so now you have new products and content to share. Having an email strategy in place will keep your audience interested. Continue the conversation. Keep the story alive and send them regular offers to keep bringing them back to your website.

Launching is one part of the equation, but now you have to keep your audience engaged and bring traffic to your website.

Remember that your website is a work in progress!

Stick to the bare minimum for your launch. Your goal right now is only focused on growth.

You can always go back and refine your website. To tell you the truth, even if you did design the perfect website, it won’t stay that way. Technology evolves more rapidly than ever, and things can become outdated very quickly. Keeping your website at the bare minimum for the launch will also help keep your startup costs lower. After a successful launch, you can go reinvest some of the profits into the web design.

If you followed the steps outlined in this course, you’ve already piqued the interest of your customers. Now you just have to follow through on delivering your brand message. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Whatever date you have set for your launch needs to be when you deliver it, or else you’ll disappoint your customers. Wait to announce the date of your launch until you’re positive you’ll be ready for it.

Don’t get caught up in technology, but work on creating a beautiful homepage with powerful copy and photography (go back to Lesson 2 if you need a refresher on brand identity). Remember to consider the details. Your packaging, fulfillment process, and overall experience you’re offering are all equally important factors.

Stay active in continuing the conversation. Talking to your customers and learning more about them is the best way to prepare yourself for your next product launch. Provide the best customer service possible. This shows your customers that you appreciate them and turns them into a loyalty audience. After all, you should love your customers. They helped your launch become successful!

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