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03.09.2016 |

Episode #5 of the course Launching your brand with a BANG by Luna Vega


No matter how incredible your product is, it’s going to take time to find people who want to buy it. Finding customers is not an easy task, but it’s not based on luck either.

Even after you’ve completed your homework, including market research and your elevator pitch, you will need to go back and polish these up. There’s no way to predict if people are going to buy your product, but building up a mailing list is where you want to start. Here is where you’ll test the market demand.

That’s why the coming soon page is the foundation of your launch. If you’re not getting a strong response to your email opt-in, how can you expect to sell a lot of your product?

The quicker you have this set up, the more time you have to figure out if there’s truly a demand. If there isn’t a strong response? Now you have time to go back and work on your brand message to find one that will engage your customers.

This is why building anticipation is crucial to your launch. Not only are you getting your audience excited for what’s next, you’re also allowing yourself time to refine your brand identity and marketing. Without marketing, your customers won’t know where to find you. (We’ll cover more on how to drive traffic to your coming soon page in future lessons.)

And email newsletters are an intimate form of marketing that allow your readers to get to know your brand on a more personal level.


What to Include in Your Newsletters

After you’ve set up your email opt-in offer, work on your automated emails. Setting up a series in advance guarantees you’ll be prepared; you can set up exactly when these emails need to be sent. You definitely don’t want to be stressed and scrambling to come up with material at the last minute.

You should be including these separate messages:

A Welcome Email: Tell them more about your brand, your upcoming launch, and what type of content to expect from you in the future.

Information Series: Send 3-5 emails before the launch so people don’t forget about your brand. You’ll continue to register your brand name in their minds.

Follow-Up Emails: Decide whether you’re comfortable sending these emails weekly or twice a month.

A Thank-You Email: Send this right after your launch ends to let your customers know you appreciate their business.

Getting your coming soon page and email marketing campaign right allows you to continue the conversation. Your customers will be dying to come back for more!

Up next: the important reason why you should be sharing your story.


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