Revitalizing Your Space for Maximum Energy and Productivity

04.06.2020 |

Episode #10 of the course Maximize your energy and productivity to live your best life by Linda Hardenstein


Welcome to the last lesson of this course!

Today, I’m going to give you one more tip, and then we’re going to have a short recap of everything we’ve learned during our time in this course.

A messy desk can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck. It can make it hard to concentrate and even harder to find things, slowing your productivity down. As a practitioner of the ancient Chinese art of placement known as feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”), I teach people that clutter represents stagnant energy, which can block your stamina and stifle your productivity.

Taking just a ten-minute time out to remove clutter from your desk or in your room will clear your mind and get the energy flowing. A clear mind provides focus. You will have freed up your energy, which will put you back in control of your environment and your workday.

Write down where you can start with ten minutes to clear clutter.

Let’s recap everything we’ve learned about maximizing your energy and productivity to live your best life.

Assess your energy level. You started your energizing and productivity journey by determining your level of energy. Since you’ve been putting new practices in place over the last ten days, hopefully, that level has increased.

Determine what boosting your energy level will do for you. Think of the reason you put for wanting to boost your energy. That is your motivation for continuing to put the practices you learned in place to keep building your energy going forward.

Know why energy, not time, is important to maximize your productivity. Time is limited. Energy is unlimited and can be regenerated. Keep incorporating those practices that you learned to increase your energy for greater productivity.

Jumpstart your power. Energize yourself by staying on the move and soaking up the rejuvenating power of nature whenever you can.

Stay fueled throughout the day. Toss aside the quick pick-me-up snacks for energy-boosting meals and snacks that will keep your energy tank fueled throughout the day.

Tap your power source. Stress is an energy sapper. Combat it by taking deep breaths throughout your day to keep your energy circulating and on the rise!

Stay supercharged all day. Your body is like a battery. Drink plenty of water to keep it going and stay energized throughout your day.

Stay in the energy flow. Do tasks that you love first, and enjoy yourself in the process to stoke the flow and feel happier in your work and in your life.

Dump energy-sapping toxicity. Nothing destroys toxicity like positivity. Stay as positive as you can. When you feel drained by someone at work, take a breather and do one of the exercises from these lessons to rejuvenate your energy throughout your day.

Revitalize your space. Clear stagnant energy from your physical space by removing clutter. Just taking ten minutes a day to remove clutter will open the flow of your energy and have you feeling lighter, more energized, and more productive in no time.


By noticing when your energy tank is getting low and taking small actions to boost your energy, you can get your oomph back, stay energized at work, get more done, and be more successful (in your work and your life!).

Remember, your personal energy is a precious resource to be treasured, generated, sustained, and renewed. Making a conscious decision to be the master of your own life means taking responsibility for managing your energy.

You are now in possession of the knowledge and tools to start maximizing your energy. Following these simple principles will make you more focused and productive so you can live your best life!

Time to go out there and continue applying them.

To an energized and productive you!



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