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30.11.2016 |

Episode #8 of the course Travel hacking: Earn frequent flyer miles without flying by Chris Guillebeau


Greetings, traveler!

Welcome to the eighth lesson of the course. We are cruising along!

Some of the lessons so far have included tips that require you to use credit cards, but not everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of such deals. In this lesson, I’ll share how you can take online surveys to earn miles without credit cards.

A year ago, I had someone send in a success story detailing how she earned a significant number of points without applying for credit cards. She also applied for credit cards to earn additional miles, but this particular example was something that anyone can do.

The headline says it all: she earned 22,000 Hilton HHonors points simply by completing online surveys.

Did you know you can earn a few thousand points every year by taking online surveys? Programs like e-Rewards and e-Miles let you choose the mileage program to which you credit your miles when you reach 500 points. United’s Opinion Miles Club earns you miles with United for each survey, and you can receive a one-time bonus of 600 miles for completing your first survey.

Online survey sites offer airline or hotel points as incentives for completing consumer surveys. Register for the survey program and select which airline or hotel program you’d like your “earnings” to be credited toward. If you’re in another country, there may also be local survey sites available to you in addition to the bigger international ones.

There are a few other activities you can complete to earn miles for sharing your opinion. Award Wallet, a service that can help you keep up with your growing miles and point balances, will give you 5 American Airlines miles for every comment you leave on their blog. This is a pretty slooooow way to earn miles, but 5 miles per comment is better than 0 miles per comment.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at earning points and miles through monthly expenses. For many of us, this way works a lot faster than online surveys.

Counting down the days,
Chris Guillebeau


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