Positive affirmation

28.07.2016 |

Episode #3 of the course Small habits that yield big results by Joe Bennett


A long time ago, I learned that the thoughts or phrases we say with our voices we eventually grow to believe. Our words are powerful and can direct us toward life and happiness, toward depression and sadness, or even to neutral blah-ness.

Many people say nothing positive about themselves, or they say nothing at all. It’s not surprising, then, that most people live lives of quiet desperation, accomplishing little of what they hope or dream.


In my life

I have two affirmations that I recite every day.

1. Immediately after waking up in the morning, I get out of bed, stretch my hands to the sky, and say, “It’s gonna be a great day!”

2. At some point in the morning, almost always in the shower, I recite a list of character qualities that I want to possess. This list has grown some over the last couple of years since I started doing it. I say exactly every time, “I am bold, I am strong, I am fearless, and I’m OK. I am powerful, I am magnetic, I am charismatic, I am healthy, wealthy, happy, honest, wise, courageous, kind, energetic, adaptable, and inspiring.”

These are things that I believe about myself and who I’m becoming. I believe them because I say they are so. And I’ve found that my life has changed to reflect these things—sometimes slowly, but always methodically and subconsciously in the direction of what I say.


How you do it

Take some time and identify a short statement or some character qualities that describe how you want to live life or the type of person you want to become.

1. Write it all down.

2. Memorize and recite it every day.

3. Recite it with as much positive emotion as you can.


The benefit to you

You’ll cultivate more self-confidence and start to solidify your vision for who you’re becoming and what you’re doing with your life. Your outlook on the day will be more positive, and when you pause to reflect after a month of doing this, you’ll be surprised at how much progress you’ve made toward the thing(s) you’re reciting every day.


The science

The mind is a quirky thing. It’s quite susceptible to repetition and emotion, especially when those two things are combined. Countless psychological studies have been conducted that show just by saying or hearing a statement, true or not, we tend to believe it. And then the more it is repeated, the more we believe it, even when evidence is later shown to us that proves the contrary!


What you’ll learn tomorrow: Breathing


Recommended book

“The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale


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