Ten turning points of World War II

Between the fall of 1939 and the summer of 1941, Hitler’s Germany conquered most of Europe, safeguarded by allies to the east, south, and west. From this position of overwhelming strength, Hitler then made a series of mistakes that led Germany to catastrophe. His far-eastern ally, imperial Japan, also seized an empire but by attacking America, ensured that it would lose everything. This course singles out ten events that shifted the balance of forces in World War II. It was the formative event for the late 20th century and for the world in which we still live.

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“This is a short version of WWII for people who were not around and need to know something about it quickly.”

“Absolutely loved it. Enormously well told, concisely and with tension, even 70+ years after. Thanks a lot.”

“Loved it. Had no idea I was so interested in WWII, and it’s really nice to be interested in non-fiction again, so thank you.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. World War II: Prerequisites
Lesson 2. The Hitler-Stalin Pact
Lesson 3. Germany Conquers France
Lesson 4. The Battle of Britain
Lesson 5. Hitler Invades Russia
Lesson 6. Pearl Harbor
Lesson 7. The Battle of the Atlantic
Lesson 8. The Battle of Midway
Lesson 9. Stalingrad
Lesson 10. D-Day
Lesson 11. The Atom Bomb
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