Inventors who changed the world

In this course, we’ll learn about the works of ten inventors who transformed the world, creating the technological landscape of the 20th century—electrical power, light, engines, telecommunications, the foundations of information technology, movies, recorded music, and more. We will discover the surprising paths and insights that led to their famous inventions—stories often of struggle, competition, and irony, as well as glory.

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Lesson 1. Charles Babbage
Lesson 2. Tim Berners-Lee
Lesson 3. Fritz Haber
Lesson 4. Thomas Edison
Lesson 5. Guglielmo Marconi
Lesson 6. Nikola Tesla
Lesson 7. Ada Lovelace
Lesson 8. Auguste and Louis Lumière
Lesson 9. James Watt
Lesson 10. Alexander Graham Bell
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