How cognitive biases are messing up your decisions

Whether you’ve known it or not, many of your decisions have been based on faulty reasoning and unsound logic—predictable errors psychologists and behavioral economists call, “cognitive biases.” This course introduces ten biases that most commonly influence your decisions and provides real-world examples of them in action. You’ll also learn strategies on how to avoid falling prey to the influence of each one. After all, everyone else is taking this course, why aren’t you?

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100% of students recommend

  “Really good information on a topic I did not realize was responsible for a lot of the snafus in my life, in fact I’d never heard of cognitive bias until recently and I’m glad I took this course to learn about it and how to deal with it.”

  “One of the best courses on Highbrow. And I have taken many. Excellent summaries and choices of biases to use. I was sad it was only 10 emails. Praise to the writer.”

  “If you want to learn an in depth assessment on how human beings make decisions, this is the course for you. I have been a long time lover of behavioral economics and this course did not disappoint.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Everyone Else Was Doing It: Social Proof
Lesson 2. Don’t Make the First Offer: Anchoring
Lesson 3. Experiential Prophylaxis: Prospect Theory
Lesson 4. Glass Half-Full: The Framing Effect
Lesson 5. But That’s Special Money: Mental Accounting
Lesson 6. Much Too Good for Children: The Endowment Effect
Lesson 7. Why Would Anyone Pick That?: The Asymmetric Dominance Effect
Lesson 8. Experiential Amnesia: The Peak-End Rule
Lesson 9. This One Will Do: Decision Fatigue
Lesson 10. So Hot Right Now: The Dunning-Kruger Effect
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