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28.07.2016 |

Episode #7 of the course Small habits that yield big results by Joe Bennett


“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – King Solomon

What we think on persistently, what we dwell on, is what we become. Think sad, depressing thoughts and that’s what you’ll become. Or you could choose to think on positive, wise, and uplifting ideals and become that. Either way, it’s up to you and your thoughts.

Most people avoid intentional thinking. It’s easier to slip into the emotions of envy, anger, and melancholy than it is to constructively harness our thoughts. As Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Form the habit of purposed thinking with this simple change: ponder a wise saying each week.


In my life

This has been one of the most enriching practices I’ve experienced. I’ve applied these quotes in so many ways: In conversations with colleagues, tender parenting moments with my kids, and times of self-encouragement when I needed to pull myself forward or upward.


How you do it

Find solid, time-proven quotes from the great men and women of history. These people don’t have to be perfect, but their lives should have had a seriously positive impact on this world.

Once you’ve identified some quotes:

1. Choose one and write it by hand in your journal.

2. Ponder the quote throughout the week. Mull it over in your mind without rushing.

3. Think about how it applies to your life, the lives of those around you, and the world as a whole.

Repeat this process with a new quote each week.


The benefit to you

There’s a reason why the famous sayings catalogued by society throughout the centuries have stood the test of time. They’ve enriched the lives of millions over years and years. They are quality, refined phrases that often contain a lifetime of wisdom.

As you consistently dwell on these wise words of the past, you will:

• Generate more original ideas and creative thoughts

• See the world in a new, fresh, curious perspective

• Find that your approach to situations and people becomes more subtle, gentle, understanding, and compassionate.


The science

Our thoughts literally rewire our brains. The things we think on are what we’re attracted to. Psychological studies show that positive, uplifting thoughts and emotions lead to us being more open, taking in a broader and deeper experience, and more easily connecting with others.

Negative thinking narrows our experience and turns us away from relationships and opportunities. And really, who wants that kind of crappy life?

These powerful quotes you’ll find and think on will generate inspiring, positive emotions that will open you up to new possibilities and opportunities.


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Recommended book

“Whatever You Are, Be a Good One” by Lisa Congdon


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