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Episode #9 of the course “Common English phrasal verbs: Part 1” by Angela Boothroyd

sort out

1. To sort out something (or sort something out) is to organize or arrange things which are untidy.

Examples of use:

a) My bookcase is in a mess. I need to sort out my books.

b) Your room is very untidy. Sort out your clothes and put them in your cupboard, please.


2. To sort out something (or sort something out) is also to resolve a problem or misunderstanding.

Examples of use:

a) I had a problem with my car brakes but my brother sorted them out.

b) If my parents have problems with their computer their neighbour always sorts it out for them.

c) Will you two stop arguing and sort out your disagreements?!


3. To sort out something (or sort something out) is to discuss it with someone and make a decision about what to do.

Examples of use:

a) We need to sort out the arrangements for our holiday.

b) Let’s sit down and sort out the guest list for the wedding.

9.1 Phrasal verbs 1

throw away

1. To throw away something (or throw something away) is to dispose of something you don’t want or need by putting it in a rubbish bin, waste-paper basket, waste-disposal unit etc.

Examples of use:

a) I threw my old coat away.

b) Why don’t you throw away those smelly old shoes?

c) He has thrown away all of his rusty tools, and bought new ones.

d) She doesn’t like throwing things away.

e) My mum threw my English essay away by mistake.


2. To throw away something (or throw something away) also means to ruin or lose something valuable or important, by doing something reckless or foolish.

Examples of use:

a) She went out with her friends every night instead of studying, and threw away her chance of a place at university.

b) Don’t throw away your marriage. You need to spend more time with your wife.

c) William had a good career and a lovely home, but he threw it all away with his gambling and drinking.

9.2 Phrasal verbs 1


Recommended book

“117 Most Common English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs” by Zhanna Hamilton


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