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18.01.2017 |

Episode #8 of the course How to generate more leads through your website by Lauren Pawell



Yesterday we talked about how to create a system to respond to leads coming through your contact forms in an automated way.

Today we’re going to chat about how to convert more website traffic into subscribers by adding content upgrades to your most popular content.

If you’re already creating content for your website on a regular basis, you’re really going to love this lead generation tactic.

In fact, we’ve seen content upgrades convert at 9% and higher for some of our clients.

(Remember those average VTL conversion rates we discussed earlier? 9% is a pretty darn good number.)

Plus, leads that come in through content upgrades tend to be more engaged and more ready to buy than your average email subscriber.

So what is a content upgrade exactly?

It’s a free resource that you embed in a high-traffic piece of content that makes that content more valuable.

However, in order to gain access to this free resource, a website visitor must give you their email address.

So how can you incorporate this awesome tactic into your lead generation efforts?

Follow these instructions:

1. Identify the most popular content on your website.

2. Then, figure out what free resources might make that content even more valuable.

3. Create those resources.

4. Set up the technology to power the content upgrade using a plugin like Content Upgrades, LeadBoxes (from LeadPages), or ClickTriggers from SumoMe.

I recommend starting with your top three to five pieces of content.


Well first, it can take some time to create your content upgrade. And second, this content likely already generates good traffic for you. This means you’ll be able to get a handle on your VTL conversion rate pretty quickly after implementation.

A few tips:

1. Use the Site Content report in Google Analytics to help you determine what content is most popular.

2. Keep your content upgrades short and sweet. They need to contain enticing content, but like your lead magnet, should be quickly digestible.

3. Deliver your content upgrades via email, not on your website. Remember, you want to train your leads to open your emails.

4. Use a thank you page to help you track conversions from your content upgrade.

I can’t wait to hear how content upgrades turn your most popular website content into lead-generation machines.

Here’s to your ongoing online success,


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