Learn How to Dump Energy-Sapping Toxicity

04.06.2020 |

Episode #9 of the course Maximize your energy and productivity to live your best life by Linda Hardenstein


Welcome back!

Yesterday, we covered a method for creating flow. By now, you know what you can do to acquire more energy.

In today’s lesson, we’ll look at how to keep energy-sapping toxicity at bay.

First, let’s define what we mean by toxic or negative energy. It is like poisonous energy that can cause unpleasant feelings and keep you from being as productive or as successful as possible.

In the workplace, toxic energy may be working around people who are in conflict all the time, having coworkers who get on your nerves, or having a boss who exhibits poor leadership abilities. Any time that you come home feeling exhausted because of an emotional rollercoaster you experienced is a sure sign that you’ve been in a toxic environment.

Examples of toxic energy are:

• when you’re around constant complaining in a certain situation

• feeling angry or on-edge

• persistent feelings of anxiety and/or depression

• interactions with people becoming difficult or exhausting

• increasingly becoming more critical of yourself and others

Think about it for a minute, and then write down what kinds of situations drain you.

Here are several things you can do to dump energy-sapping toxicity:

• Nothing shifts negative energy like introducing positive energy.

• Stay away from people who drain your energy, and let go of the desire to change other people’s negative tendencies.

• Make it a point to be around and to establish relationships with positive people.

• If you have to work around negative people, set limits for how much time you’ll spend with them. If they express a negative opinion of you, stay emotionally detached and realize that it’s just an opinion, not a truth. Try not to get upset. Take a deep breath to give yourself time so you don’t just react.

• When you find yourself in a conflict situation and feel drained by someone at work, take a break to restore your positive energy. Get outside. Hang out in nature for a few minutes, and let it do its restoration magic.

• When you get home from work, if you’ve been in a toxic environment all day, you can do a simple exercise to let all that negative energy go. Visualize all the toxic energy you’ve absorbed during your day leaving your body. Let it drain out right through the bottoms of your feet and into the earth. Then, take a couple of deep breaths and visualize filling your body with clean, clear positive energy. You can even give it a color, like a white or golden light.

Take your well-being seriously. Look again at the suggestions above. What action will you make to stay in a positive mindset throughout your day? Write it down here.

Now that you’ve learned an exercise you can do to drain any toxic energy from your system at the end of your day, we’ll finish up tomorrow with a lesson about revitalizing your space for maximum energy and productivity.

To a positive energy day!



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