Getting Introduced to Decision-Makers and Warming Them Up

12.07.2018 |

Episode #5 of the course How to find a dream job and get hired by Ryan Lecour


Welcome to Day 5!

Your interaction with insiders will lead you down a path that will allow you to test your true interest level with your hypothesized career target, while also bringing you closer to key decision-makers to whom you will present your warm application.

CEOs of the most sought-after corporations will readily admit they give much more attention to people who come through introductions from people they already know (i.e., the backdoor). The cold email receipt of an application is held with, by far, the lowest regard.

Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the “back door” approach that we’re laying out here. The ideal way to arrive at submission of your marketing materials (resume + cover letter) is through invitation.


Transitioning to an Introduction

If you have followed the steps in the last lesson, then the stage is set for your warm introduction to your decision-maker of choice. Your insider connection will almost always (if you have gotten the most from your meeting) have given you a recommendation related to the decision-makers that would be worthwhile to connect with.

Now that you have established solid rapport with the insider and showcased high value, it’s time to follow their advice and take the next step to the warm introduction.


“Hi John,

Thanks again for recommending that I take a look at ABC publication. It was a big help with understanding X!

I remember in our earlier meeting you also suggested that I reach out to Jennifer Souza once I felt I was ready to move forward. Given the progress I have made with XYZ, I’d be eager to chat with her. Would you be open to introducing me?

If so, I can send along a pre-written introduction email just to keep things super simple for you. If not, no sweat!

I really appreciate all your help.


Your Name”

Now, just because your insider connection will send along your pre-written email, this doesn’t mean the DM is going to respond. Sometimes they will reach out. However, be prepared to send your own introduction email to the DM.

“Hi [DM name],

My name is [your name], and I am an HR Coordinator with XYZ Corp. I have admired [target company] for some time now and love [target company product or service].

It seems to me that [target company] is focused right now largely on [one or two pain points that you can help solve].

These are interesting to me because recently, I [solution you are responsible for that resolves the above pain points]. I would love to find out if there may be an opportunity to provide similar solutions for [target company].

Can you make 15 minutes over coffee Thursday at 10:30 am?


[your name]”


The Effective Elements of This Email

Think about all the powerful stuff that is going on here. There are a number of things that will impress the DM:

• You have been introduced and recommended from someone inside the DM’s organization.

• You have managed to avoid the front door black hole and have set yourself apart from all applicants (you haven’t even applied yet).

• You may as well be similar to an internal candidate at this point—they will almost treat you as such.

• You have shown a keen interest in the pain points of the company, and you have recently been successful at solving similar problems.

• You have managed to convey all this in a very time-conscious and direct manner.

• You are not desperate or average—you are presently employed and are “playing the field” rather than jumping into commitment.

At this point, your chances of landing the meeting are extremely high. Therefore, we do not want to drop the ball and fall flat with our “traditional” marketing materials. Note: This doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to hand over your cover letter and resume in this meeting. But things can move extremely quickly from here. Time to have everything ready.

Therefore, tomorrow, we’ll dive into how to craft your warm application now that we’ve set the stage for its maximum effectiveness.

Happy job marketeering until then,



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