Fruit Jars Puzzle Solution

30.07.2015 |

Episode #4 of the course “Challenging logic puzzles”

Well you need to pick just one fruit from the jar labelled as “Apples & Oranges” to correctly label the jars.

The trick here is to realize that all the jars are labelled incorrectly. So you will get the solution if you proceed thinking in this direction.

Let’s take a scenario. Suppose you pick from jar labelled as “Apples & Oranges” and you got an apple from it. That means that jar should be “Apples” as it is incorrectly labelled. So it has to be “Apples” jar.

Now the jar labelled “Oranges” has to be Mixed as it cannot be the “Oranges” jar as they are wrongly labelled and the jar labelled “Apples” has to be “Oranges”.

Similar scenario applies if it’s an orange taken out from the jar labelled as “Apples & Oranges”.

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