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31.03.2017 |

Episode #9 of the course How to speak Spanish fluently for beginners by Rype


Immediate and lasting change. This is what all of us want in anything we do in our lives, whether it’s learning Spanish, growing your business, or improving your health.

So how do we achieve this?

Think about how you first got started in a new career. Most of us either went through apprenticeships or got mentored by those who have already done it.

This ability to model someone significantly shortens the learning curve of any result you want by not only using a proven strategy that works, but avoiding the costly mistakes that waste time.


So what is a coach anyways?

In short, a coach is normally someone who has gotten the results that you seek and is giving you the specific blueprint on how you can achieve your end result.

Now, a coach doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better than you. What a coach brings is the ability to bring out the best in their players or students that would have never been possible by themselves.

The reason why most of us have not achieved everything we want in this world is not because of lack of talent or resources. It’s because we quit too early.

According to best-selling author Seth Godin, here are Five Reasons You Might Fail to Become the Best in the World (In Anything):

1. You run out of time (and quit)
2. You run out of money (and quit)
3. You get scared (and quit)
4. You’re not serious about it (and quit)
5. You lose interest (and quit)

We all experience a high of energy and excitement when we first start to learn something new, because this is a natural part of the “honeymoon” phase.

Without a coach or someone there to guide you, most of us go through the emotions of uncertainty all the way down to acceptance mode, which is the critical point when we stop trying and quit.


Introducing immersion coaching

The biggest problem with the way most of us are learning languages (or anything else today) is that it’s in an environment that doesn’t force us to apply the information we learn in an immersive state.

As research shows, it turns out that people retain:

5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from a lecture.

10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.

20% of what they learn from audio-visual sources.

30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.

50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.

75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.

90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.

Yet what’s the most popular method of how most of us learn? Lecture, reading, and audio-visual.

Think about language schools, language books, and audio programs (or free mobile apps). How impactful are these really in helping you get the results you want? Not very.

Rather than putting you in a boring classroom and lecture setting, immersive coaching empowers you to immediately apply what you’ve learned while receiving immediate feedback to trigger the memory in your brain.

Have you ever experienced or seen someone who travelled to a foreign country and picked up a new language in a matter of months? This is the power of immersion and surrounding yourself with those who know what you want.

Tomorrow, we’re going to give you the fundamental steps to kickstart your Spanish learning journey. It’s a 30-day challenge that has worked for thousands of our students who have been through it. More importantly, it’s our final lesson that will highlight the most important lessons we have shared with you in this course. Don’t miss it!


Recommended book

“Un Pez, Dos Peces, Pez Rojo, Pez Azul (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books (Spanish Edition)” by Dr. Seuss, Yanitzia Canetti


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