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04.06.2020 |

Episode #5 of the course Maximize your energy and productivity to live your best life by Linda Hardenstein


Welcome back!

You are now in possession of effective ways to take action to fill your energy tank. Today, we’ll focus on an easy way to stay fueled throughout your day.

If you’ve ever felt like you were going to nod off after a big lunch, you know that what you eat impacts your energy and your performance.

A healthy meal is good for your body. Just as important for your energy and productivity is eating food that feeds your brain. Certain foods help you stay focused and fueled to enhance your productivity throughout your day.

For example, productivity-boosting, focus-enhancing foods that can provide you the nutrients you need to sustain your A-game all day are:

• eggs

• brown rice

• bananas

• fruits and vegetables

• avocado

• dark chocolate

• spinach

• salmon

• nuts

It’s not just important to think about what you’re eating at meals. When your energy is low, it’s tempting to grab a quick pick-me-up, like a sugary snack or another cup of coffee.

Get a pen and paper, and jot down what your go-to food or drink is when you need a quick pick-me-up (be completely honest—no one is watching you or will see your answers!).

Zack worked double shifts at a law firm from 8:00 am to 1:00 am, and his energy would dip after long hours at work. If it was a night without much to do and he was bored, he would hit the vending machine and grab a sugary snack. In less than 30 minutes, he’d be ready for a nap and struggling to produce if work was suddenly dropped on his desk.

The trouble with sugary snacks and caffeine is that they give you a false high, a quick boost, and then a quick dive. But if you choose foods like nuts and avocados, you’re choosing the most energy-efficient source of food. Because fats are so concentrated, you don’t have to consume a large amount to get an energy boost.

Protein-based snacks (like eggs) provide a longer-lasting source of energy. Why? It takes the body longer to break protein down. Protein also keeps your blood sugar stabilized, helping you avoid a sugar crash.

If you’re choosing protein snacks, Ilana Muhlstein, RN, provides a good reminder in a Well and Good blog post. She says, “Protein requires [lots of] water to digest. And eating an excess of protein can actually make a person feel more sluggish, because it can increase your risk of dehydration. Thus, if someone is increasing their protein intake, they should ensure that they’re drinking more water as well for better energy.” (This is something we talk about more in Lesson 7.)

For longer-lasting fuel, try eating high-energy snacks like the ones listed below, and avoid low-energy snacks if possible.



What kind of high-energy food can you start eating to help your brain stay fueled throughout your day so you can feel more energized and stay more productive?

Write your answer here: __________

If you took action on the last three lessons, you are already incorporating new energy-boosting habits to help you optimize your productivity that will positively affect your work and your life.

Tomorrow, we will look at another way to easily tap a power source that you have with you all the time.

To a healthy eating and energizing day!



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