04.04.2015 |

Episode #3 of the course “Street artists you should know”

Chinese-born DALeast is one of the many graphic street artists to keep his real name hidden. Less than 30 years old, DALeast is shaking up the world of graphic art with his highly-detailed 3D images. DALeast has been painting on public buildings since 2004, and most of his work is completed in a hurry to avoid arrest. However, most of his work is also large—sometimes spanning 25 feet or more.




DALeast images often incorporate natural elements like human and animal bodies that appear to be made of wire or twine twisted together. At the same time, the subjects appear to be exploding apart, shedding, or coming together, which gives his pieces a great deal of movement and speaks to the tension between the individual and the collective in an urban space. The murals often feature big cats, whales, birds, deer, and other animals that symbolize movement, freedom, and human progress. Although the subject matter is sometimes dark, the movement and energy in DALeast’s artwork bring a freshness and a feeling of hope to the viewer.






DALeast has said that life is full of troubles and that art can provide an escape or a way to work through problems. He added that he is trying to change people’s minds by offering them a fresh perspective on life, nature, and cities, and how the three interact with one another in the modern world. His technique of layering lines allows viewers to literally experience a different perspective and a different painting depending on where they stand.




DALeast now lives in South Africa but travels about half the year and has created street art on nearly every continent.


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