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21.07.2016 |

Episode #7 of the course How to create stunning content on Facebook by PromoRepublic


Today, we are going to talk about content curation. You will learn what it is, why you need it, and we’ll tell you about content curation methods and tools.

Content curation is the process of searching for content all over the web, sorting it, and presenting the best of it in relation to a specific topic. The key here is relevance—you can’t simply post every interesting article on your Facebook page just because you like it. You need to make sure that it has something to do with your audience and their needs.

“Do I really need help curating content?” you may ask. And our answer is definitely “yes.” Here’s why—in a modern, digitalized world where thousands of posts and other digital content pieces are created every minute, people don’t have enough time to search for worthy content. And if you want to create high value and build a solid relationship with your audience, content curation is a must for you.

With content curation, you can show that you are an expert in your niche and express your opinion clearly using third-party sources.

Are you familiar with the social media rule of thirds? According to it, ⅓ of your content should consist of the best shared ideas, stories, posts, articles, and other content created by your industry leaders and like-minded businesses. Another ⅓ belongs to content that promotes business, and the last ⅓ develops personal interactions.

However, the fact that our lessons are oriented toward Facebook does not mean that all your curated content should be from the same social network. Diversify it by sharing from all over the web. Here are some tools to help you with this task:


While wandering the internet, you’ll find a bunch of interesting articles and other sources. But what if you don’t have time to read them all? Pocket saves all of them in one place so you can finish reading them later and decide whether or not they are worth being shared on your Facebook page.


This news aggregator lets you customize the best online sources and share them with others. Now you’ll always stay tuned to the latest updates.


Search and create stories from all over social media.

Choose the topics you are interested in and the tool will provide you with the latest and most relevant updates.

The lesson is over, friends! Tomorrow we will explain why content planning is so important.


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