Charm with Charisma

12.09.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course Speak like a leader by Mark D’Silva


Welcome to the final lesson. Today, we look at the effect of charisma and how to magnetize people to you.

The word “charisma” comes from the Greek word “gift”—implying that it’s something certain people are bestowed with at birth. Charisma is an alluring appeal that some people have, which draws others to them.

Here are a few peculiarities of charismatic people that we covered in previous lessons and that you can start using while presenting:

• passion for a theme or cause (discover it before the speech)

• smiling/laughing (it’s the universal language)

• appropriate body language (research on charismatic speakers shows that they shift their posture more often, raise their eyebrows more, and use powerful gestures to complement their message)

• positivity (always think and speak with a positive attitude)

There are also other strategies that can help you become more charismatic.


Make It Your Mission to Bring Joy

Charismatic people bring joy to others. People can’t wait to see or meet a charismatic person because the person, in some way, makes them feel happier. So, determine to develop more charisma by giving a little joy at every interaction you have.

As a speaker, you can bring “joy” to others by injecting your own brand of humor or sharing personal anecdotes. It may be in the form of inspiring them or providing them with an element of hope.


Develop Presence

You can demonstrate presence right from the very start of your presentation. When it is your turn to present, take control. You are in charge. Your audience is captive; they are bound to listen to what you have to say.

Even before you speak, remain calm as you look over and smile at your audience. This will give you time to collect yourself before you launch. This also gives the audience the time to “size” you up.

When the audience sees you in total control, they will grasp this as you having presence. Of course, you have to back this up with the right messages to “earn” presence.


Consider Physical Appearance

Charismatic speakers look good; they have a stage presence. Looking good can mean their physical appearance is appealing. Looking good may also mean how a person carries themselves, how they speak, how they dress, and how confidently they present themselves.

Increase the odds in your favor by paying greater attention to what you wear and your personal grooming.

Begin to add these charismatic traits to your everyday interaction with others, and you’ll discover that people magnetize more toward you and your message.

This concludes the Speak Like a Leader course. Apply all the lessons in this series to your daily life, and notice the positive impact in your communication with others. Continual use of these strategies will enable you to become a better leader.

I wish you well on your leadership journey.

Best regards,

Mark D’Silva


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