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Episode #6 of the course “Street artists you should know”

An anonymous Italian street artist, Blu became a figure in the art world in 1999 with his graffiti in the streets of Bologna. In the last 15 years, he has been both highly praised and highly criticized for his works around the world. Many of his pieces—even those commissioned by prestigious institutions such as the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)—have been painted over or removed because of their politicized commentary.






Blu began his career using the typical technique and medium of spray paint like most street artists, but his style developed in 2001 when he began using house paint and rollers on extended handles. His murals then became larger, with more attention to detail, and he was able to complete his illegal public paintings more quickly in the quiet of night.

His figures are often cartoony or comic. Sometimes dramatic and sometimes humorous, Blu often focuses on the human form while other contributing artists to his works, like his friend and fellow graffiti artist EricailCane, focus on animal forms. One of the most famous works that the two collaborated on is a large minotaur holding a human figure in Spain.






Not limited to street art, Blu has also traveled the world helping to produce several movies and short films throughout South America and Europe, including Muto, Morphing, and several pieces of video art shown at musical performances of OK NO.

Blu’s website and blog provide his fans with a real-time digital diary of his inspiration and art locations. Most recently, he has been traveling in Bolivia and Mexico to paint and is also experimenting with photography. He can also be contacted directly through the website for complaints or commissions.


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