Attitude Counts

12.09.2017 |

Episode #1 of the course Speak like a leader by Mark D’Silva


Welcome to the “Speak Like a Leader” course. The lessons in this series focus on key leadership attributes that will help improve your thinking and capabilities to progress your leadership journey.

Today, we start with the essential attribute of having the right attitude.

Are you someone who is ready to embrace the day or shy away from it? Do you see dazzling sunlight or dreary clouds?

If you are a “glass half empty” person, then consider living life with a more positive attitude. Because attitude counts! And your attitude is vital if you aspire to become a good leader.

Effective leaders exhibit positive attitude in how they behave and interact with others. Consider all the leaders you admire, on the world stage or at the workplace. Leaders who resonate have attitudes that uplift and inspire through good communication.

Below are strategies that can help you improve your attitude.


Use Positive Language

Choose words carefully. Each time you say something negative, your subconscious mind picks it up and can influence your attitude. For example, if someone asks you, “How are you today?” and you respond with, “Not bad,” your subconscious mind zones in on the word “bad.” A better reply is, “I’m great,” or, “I feel fantastic.”

Observe the way leaders use everyday language. Why not assess your own language today and take note of your positive and negative language? Then, for the rest of the week, consciously attempt to change your language. Here are a few common phrases to consider changing:

No problem → Absolutely!

Why not? → Yes, for sure!

I’m tired. → A rest will do me good.

This won’t work. → Let’s assess what works.


Associate with People Who Uplift You

Whom you associate with is vital to how you see life. Try and steer away from cynics or those who communicate with a negative stance. Seek out those who are optimistic in outlook and language. The more you associate and communicate with optimists, the greater the impact on your attitude and energy. As your attitude improves, you will be noticed and acknowledged more.


See Problems as Opportunities

Each day, you will encounter problems or issues. Attitude plays a major factor in how you tackle problems. What will you do? You can ignore the issue, make it someone else’s problem, or perhaps run away from it. Or, you can act like good leaders and look at every problem as an opportunity to solve.

All of the great inventions in history were as a result of someone solving a problem. Today, thousands of digital apps are created to solve problems and make life more convenient for people. Good leaders are great problem solvers. When they communicate, they don’t look at problems as issues; rather, they say, “This is an opportunity! What will I do to solve it and make the situation better?”

When you encounter a problem, seek to resolve it. A good strategy to do this is to write down the problem, consider all the possibilities to solve it, and consult others who have experience. Once you have a viable solution, confidently test it and keep reiterating until you have a viable fix.

Starting today, be conscious of your language and behavior, choose to associate with people with positive attitudes, and see problems as opportunities that you can solve.

Tomorrow, we look at how seizing opportunities to present leads to success.

Best regards,

Mark D’Silva


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