Jordan Harry



Speed reading: How to read more books

10 ways to improve your memory

Jordan Harry is a memory and speed reading coach, and the co-founder of StudyFast.

‍‍Over the past 7 years, he has been working alongside co-founder Oyinkro on bringing StudyFast’s mission of making reading and memory training accessible to all.

‍During that time he has been creating online courses, workshops and speaking at high-profile events to share his knowledge of how easy it is to transform the way you learn in bite-sized insights.

‍Jordan’s TEDx talk, which has been viewed by 3 million people, changed our lives and with the help of the StudyFast team, we have now taught over 40,000 people from 170 countries speed reading and memory techniques.

‍Jordan’s work has been featured on: Virgin StartUp, BBC, TEDx and Santander.