Mental exercises for beginner entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurially minded people), we find ourselves under intense pressure every day. We feel the pressure to perform, meet lofty expectations, work harder, sacrifice ourselves, and suffer for eventual future happiness. Society has led us to believe that entrepreneurs need to be and do certain things and look a certain way to achieve success.

This course is about dismantling these beliefs and patterns about entrepreneurs brick by brick. You will learn how to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals while being happier and less stressed.

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95% of students recommend

“Great course, lots of information!”

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“Whilst the course content was good, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before. I also felt that ‘Mental Exercises’ was not representative of what the course contained.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The myth of the Quantum Leap: Why we as entrepreneurs often feel inadequate
Lesson 2. Our beliefs about how hard entrepreneurs need to work to be successful
Lesson 3. Beliefs about money and selling
Lesson 4. Beliefs about time and how we spend it
Lesson 5. The myth of advisors, mentors, and the help of powerful people
Lesson 6. The myth of perfection
Lesson 7. The myth of bootstrapping, ramen, and a life of lack
Lesson 8. The myth of venture capital
Lesson 9. Everyone is doing better than me
Lesson 10. I’m not _________ enough
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