Europe’s greatest explorers

Explorers are never content with what is known. They are especially curious, adventuring to find out what lies beyond the borders, out in the wilderness, in the heart of the unknown. Over the last 1,000 years, European travelers have taken to the land, seas, and skies to find out more about the world beyond their own borders.

This course describes 10 of Europe’s most ambitious, daring, and courageous explorers.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Leif Eriksson (970–1020)
Lesson 2. Marco Polo (1254–1324)
Lesson 3. Christopher Columbus (1451–1506)
Lesson 4. Vasco da Gama (1469–1524)
Lesson 5. Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521)
Lesson 6. Sir Francis Drake (1540–1597)
Lesson 7. James Cook (1728–1779)
Lesson 8. David Livingstone (1813–1872)
Lesson 9. Gertrude Bell (1868–1926)
Lesson 10. Roald Amundsen (1872–1928)
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