Deadliest dictators in history

Some men leave legacies not of building bridges, but of burning harvests. Some men’s names are imprinted in history as shorthand for devastation, destruction, loss, and death. Undoubtedly, they changed the world, orchestrating events that impacted entire societies. With actions that ripple through time, these men started chain reactions with effects that linger.

This course explores 10 of history’s “deadliest dictators,” examining the truth and myth behind some of the deadliest men the world has ever seen.

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Lesson 1. Leopold II of Belgium
Lesson 2. Joseph Stalin
Lesson 3. Enver Pasha
Lesson 4. Chiang Kai-Shek
Lesson 5. Adolf Hitler
Lesson 6. Ho Chi Minh
Lesson 7. Mao Zedong
Lesson 8. Kim Il-Sung
Lesson 9. Idi Amin
Lesson 10. Pol Pot
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