Build a website and online brand quickly and cheaply

This course will show you how to build your own website, create content, and set up a business that can scale and support a better lifestyle.

I will explain how to set up your first WordPress website with an eye on design, SEO, speed, and security. WordPress is free and powers 25% of the world’s websites. And once WordPress is set up, you can start building a business.

   5,235 students completed this course

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   Teacher: Rob Cubbon


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89% of students recommend

“I have found this course inspirational. I have followed your advice and I now have a domain name and hosting. I am putting together my content. Before the course I was scared of the prospect of building a website but now I am excited. The instructions were so easy to follow. Thank you.”

“Thanks for making the course interesting with amazing brevity. I also like the motivation at the beginning of the course, a much needed thing for a beginner like me.”

“Was great! Useful information.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Building a Website. You Can Do It!
Lesson 2. Why Do You Want a Website?
Lesson 3. Choosing and Registering Your Domain Name
Lesson 4. A Web Host for Your Website
Lesson 5. Setting Up WordPress
Lesson 6. Content is King
Lesson 7. Social Media, Promotion, and Relationships
Lesson 8. Choosing a Theme
Lesson 9. Branding Your Site
Lesson 10. Making Sure Your Website Gets Visitors
Lesson 11. More Website Essentials
Lesson 12. Making Money
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  • Duration
    12 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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