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Course: How to be a more mindful leader

We’re the global network of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders dedicated to the pursuit of next.

Plato Project empowers the world’s most ambitious business talent with a modern business education, enabling them to reach their potential through the alignment of purpose and profit.

In our pursuit of next, we’re building new learning experiences – without the boundaries of convention – to help you answer the ever-evolving challenges of contemporary business. We empower you to do better and be better.

Our courses give you access to a network of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who create their own opportunities. Establishment meets innovation in a collaborative framework that enables you to develop human-skills along with relevant business fundamentals. Our immersive approach connects the diverse experiences of peers, experts and mentors to help you learn and succeed in the future of work.

Be it through leadership, innovation or entrepreneurship, we equip talent with the understanding, mindset and capability to constantly strive in their pursuit of next – to successfully make the most of every opportunity and make every opportunity matter.