Mircea Samoila


Course: Active listening

Born in Romania and a graduate in English and French literature, Mircea Samoila has lived, worked, and travelled in a variety of developing countries within the last 14 years: India, Ghana, Burma, Thailand, Botswana, Ethiopia, and quite a few others.

He has worked with people from all over the world—people of all faiths, colors, races, and ages. Over the years, his experiences he coupled with his practice of meditation have convinced him that learning is a process of inner rediscovery, rather than simply a transfer of information. He has decided to become a trainer and online educator in order to put this belief to the test. Through his courses, he is always attempting to help learners unlock the attitude, knowledge, and beauty that are already theirs.

So far, he has applied this perspective in company trainings and personal development courses, including workshops on active listening, meditation through Argentinian tango, professional creativity, emotionally intelligent leadership, leadership and stress management, and the essentials of journalism. He is working on transitioning all these workshops to online learning.