Psychological tools and traps in negotiation

To be successful in personal and business negotiations, you should be able to understand and use several psychological tools. When used by the other side, these tools are traps that you should avoid. In this course, you will learn the key psychological tools (and traps) you can use to improve your negotiation skills.

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87% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Background on Decision-Making Research
Lesson 2. Do Not Assume a Fixed Pie During Your Negotiations
Lesson 3. Consider Anchoring and How It Affects Your First Offer Strategy
Lesson 4. Avoid the Overconfidence Trap
Lesson 5. Frame Choices to Your Advantage
Lesson 6. Look at Your Negotiation From the Perspective of the Other Side
Lesson 7. Understand How to Use Reciprocity
Lesson 8. Use the Contrast Principle to Encourage Selection of a Choice You Prefer
Lesson 9. Take a Big-Picture Perspective
Lesson 10. Look Beyond Easily Available Information and a Checklist of Key Tools
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