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21.04.2017 |

Episode #5 of the course How to land interviews without ever applying by Erica Breuer


Confession: When I wanted to launch my column “Let’s Get Digital” with TheMuse.com, I didn’t pitch the editorial team outright. Instead, I endeavored to put myself on their radar before reaching out with my first article idea. I shared, liked, and commented on the content they’d written or ideas they tweeted.

My actions were small and nuanced, like the wink of an eye, but after a few weeks, a member of the team actually reached to out to me before I’d had a chance to submit my first article idea. She said she loved my blog and asked if I’d consider penning an article.

The rest is history.

And don’t worry—you don’t have to be a writer for wink marketing to work for you. As long as you have some kind of knock ’em dead web presence and a personal brand that shows everyone what you can do, you can wink market yourself! Positioning yourself as someone who’s engaged in an industry and ready to share incredibly useful ideas—in any form—is a sure-fire way to build awareness around your value before you reach out to people for job search help.


Your Assignment

Using your networking map, begin a weekly wink marketing routine. Wink at anyone on your list you’ve never met before or that you lack a strong relationship with—first degree connections you’ve fallen out of touch with, strangers you’re dying to talk with, and anyone you plan to request an introduction to. Wink at four or five people a day by doing any of the following:

    ● Follow them (don’t connect just yet)

    ● Share things they post or have written (tag them for bonus points)

    ● “Like” or comment on their posts

    ● Respond to open questions they ask in groups (note: this one’s bit of a time-suck)

The important thing to remember about wink marketing is if the person you’re winking at isn’t looking at you, or worse, isn’t even in the same room that you are, you’ll have no effect on them. Pay close attention to the cues you uncovered during Lesson 4 to ensure you’re winking at the right people, on the right platforms, bearing in mind that the more noteworthy the person, the harder they might be to connect with.

These micro-marketing actions are nuanced, but trust me, they get noticed. By the time you directly email your contact, your name will look familiar and increase the chances they’re receptive to your message.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss how to activate your existing network to ask for introductions in a way that actually leads to connections you need!

We’re halfway there,


Recommended book

“Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media” by Aliza Licht


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