Why Do You Need a Blog for Your Business?

25.07.2017 |

Episode #1 of the course Blogging for business: Learn how to write blogs that convert by Abidemi Sanusi


What you’ll learn today: Why blogging is good for your business.

Most businesses know that they need a blog. They know it’s “good for business.” They’re not sure how and why, but they know that it is. It is this lack of clarity that makes them struggle with writing blogs that convert for their business, so they give up, citing the following reasons (usually):

We haven’t got the resources to maintain a blog.

No one’s reading it.

It’s labor-intensive; we haven’t got the time.


Effects of an outdated blog on your business

Unfortunately, a stale blog doesn’t reflect well on your business.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. If you landed on a service provider’s website and you saw that the last time they updated their blog was three months ago, would you buy their product/service? Probably not. An out-of-date blog gives the impression that your business is neglected and can’t be trusted, which results in your prospects leaving your website and going to your competitors instead.

The result? Lost opportunities for your business.

Compare this with the rewards of having a regularly updated business blog:



Good, fresh content is one of the requisites of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines prioritize fresh content on their results page. A regularly updated blog with great content could result in your blog showing up in search engine results for your target audience—the people looking for your services online, which is also good for traffic.



A blog can help drive traffic to your website. With your blog, you can provide solutions (in the form of good content) to problems that potential customers are asking about your service or product. For example, a prospect searching Google for best business blogging course London. A business blogging course provider who writes a blog post comparing blogging courses in London can benefit from the traffic sent to their website, just by virtue of their blog appearing in search engine results for that prospect.


Establishes your expertise

A regularly updated blog establishes trust between you and your prospects by giving them the assurance that you are an expert in your industry and can be trusted to solve their problem with your product or service.

In fact, when I ran my B2B boutique content agency, the blog was one of the top three most visited pages of the website. About 95% of our clients read our blog first, before using our services (another reason why blogging is good for business—it attracts leads).

So now you know the benefits of having a blog for your business, but how can you use it to attract the right leads for your business?

The answer? By having a customer profile.

Tomorrow’s lesson: How well do you know your customers?


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