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05.05.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course The fundamentals of PPC by Jessie Leong


We’re nearly at the end of this course, and you should now have the foundations to build successful PPC campaigns. But before we part ways, I’ve outlined a few tips for how to make your campaigns an even bigger success going forward.

Immerse yourself: While PPC is often in the shadows of its big sister, SEO, there are now a ton of conferences and events aimed at us PPC marketers. Created by the guys over at PPC Hero, there’s the annual Hero Conference in LA and London, and BrightonSEO now have a dedicated PPC stage.

Don’t worry if your current marketing budget doesn’t stretch to these events; there’s plenty of ways to stay connected without spending a penny. Some of the best PPC tricks I’ve picked up have been from webinars (again, PPC Hero works with Hanapin Marketing to create regular webinars available to everyone) or through the #ppcchat hashtag on Twitter.

Keep up-to-date with the latest changes: As we mentioned in the previous lesson, the PPC landscape is forever changing. There’s the rollout of new features, channels, and software built to leverage our campaigns and (hopefully) make our lives easier. Your competitors will be hot on the toes of all of these, and if they’re not, it’s the perfect way to get ahead of them.

Plus if there’s a new channel for you to make use of your PPC skills, you’ll want to tap into that market as soon as possible. Recent changes from Google alone have altered the shape of many PPC managers’ accounts, and understanding the bigger picture can only be a bonus.

Don’t panic: Every seasoned PPC professional has had problems with a PPC account in their career, and realistically, it’s only a matter of time before you will too.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! My most problematic PPC account to date was one of the first ones I managed as a trainee, and I had no choice but to learn quickly. My tip to you in this instance is to remain calm, take time to analyze the data, and if in doubt, go back to the basics.

Build on your successes: Like most things, the best way to create successful PPC campaigns is by doing. Experiment with ad copy, the keywords and audiences you’re targeting, and the images you’re using to showcase your brand. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Never done a video advertising campaign before? Try one. It could be more of a success than you imagined! Once you’ve grasped one channel, branch out to different PPC channels, too.

You don’t have to implement all of these changes and experiments at once (in fact, I recommend that you don’t), but find your gem. Find out what works for you!

Congratulations! So ends this course on the fundamentals of PPC. I wish you all the best with your PPC campaigns. Most importantly, have fun with it!


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