Warming Up and Warming Down

11.10.2016 |

Episode #5 of the course How to sing like a star by Roma Waterman


Warming up and warming down will allow your voice to be agile and relaxed, which will eliminate tension.

Learning a good warm-up routine is important for maintaining a healthy voice. Warming down is just as important, although vocalists seldom do either! Today, I want to explain why doing this is so important and share some simple strategies for warming up and warming down that you can use every day.


Warm-Up Routine

Warming up is essential to good singing. Just like any other muscle in your body, your voice needs warming up. As you learned in the previous lessons, you use a lot of your muscles to sing. In particular, your vocal folds (which are made up of ligaments and cartilage) plus the surrounding muscular action that is needed to produce tone help you create vocal sound. It is therefore common sense that you should warm up your voice and then warm down before you sing.

This is a simple tip, but it is often missed, and then people wonder why they have so much trouble vocally. You wouldn’t go for a 10k run without warming up and warming down. You wouldn’t play a professional tennis match without spending the first 10-15 minutes warming up your body. Spend some time warming up your voice and you will see significant improvement in tone, agility, and the elimination of vocal trouble, throat soreness, and fatigue.

If you warm up:

• You will have consistent tone—it will sound the same no matter how long you sing.

• Your voice will last longer.

• You will sound more confident.

Some things that will help you as you practice:

• Practice in front of a mirror.

• Sip water and stay hydrated.

• Warm up 4-5 times a week to see results.

• If you place one hand on your diaphragm and one on your ribcage, it will remind you to use the trunk of your body to breathe.


Warm-Down Routine

Your warming down routine is similar to warming up but won’t take as long. You should spend around 1-2 minutes doing some simple scales to warm down your voice.

You are well on your way to creating healthy singing habits that will make your voice shine! Tomorrow, we are going to talk about what food and drinks to avoid because of their impact on the quality of your voice.


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