Top Tips for Writing Ad Copy

05.05.2017 |

Episode #4 of the course The fundamentals of PPC by Jessie Leong


Now that you’ve identified your business goals and target market and you’ve started to set up your campaign, it’s time to write your ads. Whether you’ve chosen to go with search engine advertising or you’re using a social media network for PPC, your ads will often be someone’s first impression of your business. So what better moment than this for you to shine?

What makes you unique? Are you offering 10% off for new customers? Do you have free delivery all year round? Is your mobile app award-winning? State these in your ads! Use your USPs to make you stand out from the crowd.

Prequalify leads via your ads: Perhaps the offer you’re promoting is only available for homeowners or your B2B product can only be sold to companies with over 50 employees. State this in your ad copy to avoid paying for clicks from people who wouldn’t qualify for your product or service. While the number of your clicks might not be as high, they should be of greater quality, and when you’re paying per click, that’s pretty important.

Use the same branding and voice for consistency: From the first touchpoint—usually your ad—to the conversion, remember to be consistent with your message, tone, and offer. For example, if a customer clicked on your ad because you stated your service costs them just £10 a month, then remind them of this on your landing page.

Use up all the available space: Most PPC ads have a strict character limit, which can be quite infuriating at times! Use up all the space available to you, and implement any applicable ad extensions (especially when it comes to AdWords and Bing). Remember, this can be a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so you really want to give them a reason to pick you over your competitors—so use all that space!

Create different ad variations: For each ad group (in AdWords and Bing) or each ad set (in Facebook), have three to five different ads live at any one time. You might wish to simply change the headline in each one or to have each ad completely different. By testing different ad text and highlighting different USPs, you’ll soon be able to see which ads have a better click-through rate, and more specifically, which particular messages make your customers click through to your site.

I also recommend reviewing your ads every few months and testing different ad copy. You may be surprised at how a small change can yield a hugely different click-through rate!

Now that we’ve gone through these pointers on creating effective ad copy, take some time today to compile your own ads. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about what we’re looking for when we’re measuring PPC success.


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