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17.07.2017 |

Episode #8 of the course Setting and achieving fitness goals by Aimee Frazier


Fitness goals are hard to achieve—even for athletes, personal trainers, and bodybuilders! It may look like they have it all figured out, but they don’t. Their successes are often due to their support teams: coaches, communities, and friends. It is absolutely possible for anyone and everyone to achieve their goals if given the right support and tools. In this lesson, you will learn the value of having a support system so you can stick with your goals long term.

A study done by psychology professor Dr. Matthews at the Dominican University of California measured the likelihood of successfully achieving a goal with and without the support of a friend. Her research found that people who updated their friend on their progress once a week had a 70% chance of achieving their goal! People who kept their goal to themselves only reached their goal 35% of the time. If you’re able to gain the support you need and have a motivational, engaging community, you are more likely to achieve and maintain your goal over time.

Supportive communities can take many forms, from online lifestyle applications to in-person workout groups. Let’s learn what types of supportive fitness communities exist and how you can begin to lay out your support network to increase your opportunity for success.


Online Fitness Community

PumpUp is a fitness-based virtual community whose slogan is “become the best version of you.” This free mobile application is an inspiring community of individuals who encourage each other in their fitness journeys through sharing and commenting on each other’s goals, progress photos, and status updates. Remember those progress photos that you took from the “Tracking Progress” episode? This is a great place to share them and be surrounded by encouraging, supportive, real-life people. The application also offers an exercise builder, where a user can select their target muscles, available equipment, level of difficulty, and time they have to workout. The application uses those details to build a workout to the user’s specifications. For those who want an extra level of support, there is an option to hire a certified coach for a small monthly fee.

Other online support communities include:

Lose It!



In-Person Fitness Communities

Many gyms have various clubs and fitness classes and groups that offer users a supportive community. If you prefer to see your support team in person on a frequent basis, getting connected with a fitness community at a local gym or community center may be a good place to start! Many gyms also offer customized personal training.


The Support of a Friend

If you’re fortunate to have a friend or family member who is supportive of your health, let them in on your journey. Tell them your goals and ask for their support. Most people will be excited and offer to check in with you to see how your progress is going.



Having support is extremely helpful when working toward a health-and-fitness goal. Research has proven that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they have the support of other people. In our last lesson, we will review all of what we have learned, and put together each step of the process of setting and achieving fitness goals!

Homework: Find a supportive community or friend, and tell them about your goal.

Cheers to your health,

Aimee Frazier


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