Setting and achieving fitness goals

This course will empower you with tools to accomplish your fitness goals. Lessons go over how to structure workouts for: weight loss, building endurance, building strength, and gaining weight. The course also outlines how to track your progress, basic diet guidelines, and links to supportive communities. This course is a non-intimidating, step-by-step guide to make progress toward your goals right away!

   5,175 students completed this course

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   Teacher: Aimee Frazier


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79% of students recommend

“Extremely informative. The summaries at the end were helpful as were the recommended readings and other links and apps shared throughout the course. Thank you. Journey starts now!”

“The course covers everything to make a start and gives great examples which you can use and adapt.”

“Superb course. Very informative and loads of useful tips and guidelines. Thank you.”


Course plan

Episode 1. Types of Fitness Goals
Episode 2. Weight Loss
Episode 3. Building Endurance
Episode 4. Building Strength
Episode 5. Gaining Weight
Episode 6. Eating to Support a Goal
Episode 7. Tracking Progress
Episode 8. Supportive Communities
Episode 9. Maintaining Your Goal Long Term
Episode 10. Putting It All Together
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    10 days
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    5 minutes reading a day

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