Science questions everyone should know how to answer

Simple questions such as “Why is the sky blue?” or “What causes a rainbow?” are probably things we have all wondered at some point in our lives, but we likely weren’t able to answer them. These seemingly simple questions often have complex answers. In this course, we will break down these “simple” science questions and give you an answer for “What are clouds made of?”

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Lesson 1. Why is the sky blue?
Lesson 2. How old is Earth?
Lesson 3. How do magnets work?
Lesson 4. What causes a rainbow?
Lesson 5. Why are bubbles round?
Lesson 6. What are clouds made of?
Lesson 7. Why does water evaporate at room temperature?
Lesson 8. Why is 98.6ºF (37ºC) our ‘normal’ body temperature?
Lesson 9. How does lightning work?
Lesson 10. How do tides work?
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