Most important numbers in the world

Mathematics is an ever-expanding field. As computers take computations to more advanced levels and higher-level mathematics are required to explain newly-discovered scientific data, mathematicians, scientists, and geeks of all kinds return to some of the world’s most important numbers. In this course, you will learn a few basic facts about the history of these basic yet advanced mathematical concepts that govern our world.

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80% of students recommend

“Great for getting started with more complex Maths/Physics concepts!”

“I liked the explanation of what the numbers were, but I missed the explanation of why these numbers are important.”

“Course did not go beyond some basic description of the numbers, didn’t have any interactivity or provide any information not already found in most textbooks.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Archimedes’ Constant
Lesson 2. Euler’s Number
Lesson 3. The Golden Ratio
Lesson 4. Planck’s Constant
Lesson 5. Avogadro’s Constant
Lesson 6. The Speed of Light
Lesson 7. Gravitational Constant
Lesson 8. Boltzmann’s Constant
Lesson 9. Imaginary Unit
Lesson 10. Euler’s Identity
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