Managing your manager

Many people instinctively know how to be managed, but few people possess the skills needed to take an active part in their relationship with their manager. By learning how to properly manage your manager, you will provide yourself with opportunities to expand your impact within your organization and put yourself in a position to advance your career.

This course will help you learn the skills you need to find success and satisfaction within your workplace by developing an effective relationship with your direct manager and key partners. Some fundamental concepts we will cover in this class include how to discover and meet your manager’s expectations, how to identify the hidden influencers in your organization, how to calibrate your goals to the needs of your manager, and more.

As an added benefit for taking this Highbrow course, we’ve created a special workbook that you can use to reflect upon and practice the lessons in this course.

   463 students completed this course

   91% recommend it to other students

   Teachers: Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky


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91% of students recommend

   “This course did a great job helping me maintain awareness of the importance of managing my relationship with my manager. This is a helpful course that made the task less overwhelming.”

   “The course has practical steps that help you empathize with your manager and allows you to leverage that understanding.”

   “A lot of useful tips on how to be more practice as an employee, and understand your manager as an employee and team member, as well as the network that is part of. I particularly liked the tips on types of managers and learning their style, and relate to being the TLDR; manager.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Three Managing Fallacies that Prevent Us from Achieving Our Career Potential
Lesson 2. How to Study Your Manager Like an Anthropologist
Lesson 3. Determining Your Manager’s Communication Style
Lesson 4. How to Prevent Performance Review Surprises
Lesson 5. The Art of Delivering Bad News Well
Lesson 6. How to Find Key Partners to Turbo-Charge Your Impact
Lesson 7. How to Align with Your Manager and Your Company’s Culture
Lesson 8. Planning for Succession
Lesson 9. Your First 100 Days: Not All Days Are Created Equal
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