How to be a smarter media consumer

The information age is drowning us with an unprecedented deluge of data, “facts,” and opinion. What information consumes is rather obvious: our attention.

The result of this deficit of attention is the rise of fake news, media bias, and information overload. This is bad for all of us—our democracies, our understanding of the world, and even our own health and wellbeing.

Economist, author, and investor Peter Sainsbury explains what you can do to combat these forces. Take five minutes every day, and get the insights and tips you need to take back your thinking and be a better media consumer.

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   Teacher: Peter Sainsbury


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Lesson 1. The Media Business
Lesson 2. Fake News
Lesson 3. The Problem with Facts
Lesson 4. Combat Information Overload
Lesson 5. Recognize Your Biases
Lesson 6. Check Your Filter
Lesson 7. Take Back Your Thinking
Lesson 8. The Dog That Didn’t Bark
Lesson 9. The Overton Window
Lesson 10. Off the Grid
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