How to accomplish your goals

We live in a time of unlimited opportunity, yet many of us still struggle to achieve our goals. This class will help you identify why you have struggled to achieve your goals in the past and provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your goals in the future.

Once you’ve mastered the skills taught in this class, you will be able to accomplish even your biggest goals: learning a brand new skill, meeting all your deadlines, launching a new project, or achieving your dreams. In the simplest terms, you will learn how to set goals that are meaningful to you and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.

   913 students completed this course

   96% recommend it to other students

   Teachers: Jordan Thibodeau and Samara Veler


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96% of students recommend

   “I loved the bite-sized yet impactful lessons from this course. The course helped me understand how important it is to dissect all stages of a goal into smaller segments which allows you to focus, manage and always feel like you are on top of things:)”

   “Well laid out treatment of the process of picking a singular goal and learning to see it through to the end, on a daily level. I enjoyed the use of Ulysses and Heaven or Hell statements to describe the process, and the term Goal Creep.”

   “Great course! It was well summarized and I got a lot of value from the excerpts and exercises.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. How to Pick the Best Goal
Lesson 2. Discovering the Critical Actions That Will Make Your Big Goal Achievable
Lesson 3. Developing a Big Goal Ritual
Lesson 4. Building a Schedule to Achieve Your Big Goal
Lesson 5. Tracking Your Progress without Straying from Your Big Goal
Lesson 6. Conquering Your Big Goal Saboteurs
Lesson 7. Harnessing the Power of an Ancient Hero to Achieve Your Big Goal
Lesson 8. Making Your Past, Present, and Future Selves Work in Harmony
Lesson 9. How to Bounce Back from Goal Failure
Lesson 10. Celebrating Your Successes
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    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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