Cycles of friendship

Something that may be unclear to many of us is that friendships come and go in a natural cycle. This class is about the cyclical nature of friendship. Specifically, we will be talking about three friendship phases: finding friends, deepening friendships, and letting go. We’ll also talk about three basic levels of friendship: acquaintanceship, casual friendship, and close friendship. The cycle, and the movement of individual friendships through the cycle, are natural—however, we can influence this cycle. We can mindfully effect change and thus impact how a friendship evolves. A major emphasis in this course is how you yourself operate in friendships and what you can do to improve your relationships and become a better friend. This course will teach you easy-to-learn principles to help you become happier in your own cycles of friendship and learn how to become a person who is worthy of having great friends.

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   Teachers: Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Finding Friends: Giving Yourself Permission
Lesson 2. Finding Friends: Romantic Notions
Lesson 3. Finding Friends: What Kind of Friend Are You?
Lesson 4. Finding Friends: Starting Over
Lesson 5. Deepening Friendships: The Art of Give and Take
Lesson 6. Deepening Friendships: More Is Not Always Better
Lesson 7. Deepening Friendships: Early Days
Lesson 8. Letting Go: The Ups and Downs of Friendship
Lesson 9. Letting Go: The Complainer’s Club
Lesson 10. Letting Go: Envy, Rivalry, and Reconnecting
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