Bringing your app idea to life

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration and thought, “This would make a great app!”? Perhaps you’ve experienced a problem or had an app idea that could possibly help people save time or money or even just fight boredom! This course outlines the steps from ideation to launching an app on an app store. Learn how to approach building your app idea—and transform your idea into a reality.

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Lesson 1. Introduction to the App Creation Process
Lesson 2. Ideation: The Lightbulb Moment
Lesson 3. Validation: Validate! Validate! Validate!
Lesson 4. Picking the Best Platform for Your App Idea
Lesson 5. Design: Always Judge an App by Its Design
Lesson 6. Development: To Code or Not to Code/Hire a Coder
Lesson 7. Monetization: Show Me the Money!
Lesson 8. Prototyping, MVP, and Iteration
Lesson 9. Beta Testing: Alpha Beta Theta (Always Be Testing)
Lesson 10. The Launch: We Have Lift Off!
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