Other Commonly Used Idioms in Everyday Life

11.04.2016 |

Bank on something (v.): To count or rely on something (especially used when talking about something that will bring you money).

Example: The investors were banking on a good return on their investment (they were counting on/hoping to get a good return on their investment).

A dime a dozen (adj.): Very common. Said of something that is so easy to find that it doesn’t have much value.

Example: Guys like him are a dime a dozen (there are lots of guys like him).

Bent out of shape (adj.): Upset/agitated.

Example: Don’t get all bent out of shape over that.

Blow (someone) away (v.): To really impress (someone).

Example: We were all blown away by his talent.

Call it a day (v.): To stop some kind of activity, usually used when talking about work.

Example: We’ve been working for eight hours. It’s time to call it a day.


Recommended book

“365 American English Idioms: An Idiom A Day” by Michael DiGiacomo


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