Natural Remedies That Heal and Help the Voice

11.10.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course How to sing like a star by Roma Waterman


Using alternative therapies can strengthen the immune system and help heal the voice and keep it in shape.

There are many simple natural remedies that can heal and help the voice. In this lesson, let’s take a look at some natural alternatives that work really well in supporting your body and voice.


Natural Cough Lollies

Propolis tincture lollies are a great natural remedy for sore throat. They are found at health food stores.


Echinacea, Horseradish, and Garlic

Although echinacea, horseradish, and garlic have excellent antibacterial properties, if you are going to sing, don’t take huge doses of anything that clears up mucus. This has a drying effect on your vocal folds. Your folds need moisture to function properly. I do take echinacea when I am not well, but I do not take large amounts if I have numerous singing engagements.


Pain Medications

Instead of aspirin, you can take paracetamol. Anything that does not contain aspirin and anti-inflammatories is okay to take. For example, take Panadol if you are in Australia or Tylenol if you are in the USA or other parts of the world, as they don’t include aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.

Obviously, sometimes taking aspirin can’t be helped when you are really ill and these types of medications are needed. However, if you are singing a lot, they will have a direct impact on your voice.



As we have already mentioned, steam and smoke are the only two things that reach the vocal folds (apart from oxygen, of course). This is why steaming is so valuable for rehydrating the vocal folds. Steaming is an excellent habit to:

• Rehydrate the vocal folds
• Help ease laryngitis and throat infections

The simplest way to steam is to pour hot water into a basin, grab a towel, and cover your head to breathe in the vapors. However, there are also some excellent options that you can use that are not only incredibly efficient but portable as well.

One of my favorite ones is a product called the Bosistos Euco Steam Inhaler. It is a portable small bottle with a nozzle that fits over your mouth and nose.

I can often be found watching a movie with my trustworthy steam inhaler attached to my face!

You can also add essential oils. I often use eucalyptus or tea tree oil if I have a cold, as they do wonders for clearing the nasal passages and chest. However, you only need a really small amount.

Tomorrow, I’m going to cover how your speaking voice affects your singing voice.


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