Most Important Things first

24.03.2015 |

by Leo Babauta

Your Most Important Things for the day — the things you most need to accomplish that day — should take priority over everything else. However, we all know that fires come up throughout the day, interruptions through phone calls and email and people dropping by, new demands that will push the best-laid plans aside. If you put off your MITs until later in the day, you will end up not doing them much of the time.

Before you check email or blogs or do anything else in the morning, plan out your day and start on your first MIT. Don’t let yourself be distracted by anything else, and work all the way until you finish that first MIT. There. Now you’ve gotten at least one important thing done. Now, take a 10-minute break, and if you can stand it, get started on your next MIT.

Try to get all three of your MITs done (or 1 or 2 or 4, depending on your setup — but don’t do more than that) before moving on to anything else. If you can do that, the rest of the day is gravy!

And here’s the key to the MITs for me: at least one of the MITs should be related to one of my goals. While the other two can be work stuff (and usually are), one must be a goal next-action. This ensures that I am doing something to move my goals forward that day.

And that makes all the difference in the world. Each day, I’ve done something to make my dreams come true. It’s built into my morning routine: set a next-action to accomplish for one of my goals. And so it happens each day, automatically.

Author: Leo Babauta

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