Make Your Emails Responsive (mobile-friendly)

10.03.2016 |

Episode #6 of the course “How to do email marketing the inbound way” by HubSpot Academy


Let’s be frankemails that look bad and don’t work aren’t lovable.

That’s right, we need to talk about mobile. According to HubSpot’s Science of Email 2014 Marketing Report, a massive 47% of all emails are opened on mobile.

In addition, 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile, and 89% of email marketers are losing leads and opportunities because they’re not optimizing their emails.

So, why take all that time writing an email if it’s going to look terrible for half of the people who read it?

Here are some quick tips and tricks to ensure that every reader sees your email in all its proper, responsive glory.

First, use responsive templates. This will ensure your emails look sleek and well-designed across multiple platforms: desktop, tablet, and yes, phones.

Next, bigger is better. Be aware that some people will be reading your emails on smaller screens. If you are using a call to action (CTA) or a button, make sure there is plenty of surrounding space and that it is big enough to tap with a finger.

You only get so much real estate in an email, so you want it to be short and sweet. People are more and more inclined to scan your email, regardless of which device they read it on. Make it really easy for people to scan and comprehend your email. This is especially important with the increase in mobile readers. You’ll want to make use of every component of your email and use them all to achieve your goal by turning them into a CTA. Take that image you added and link it to your offer. Consider adding a P.S. to your signature that contains an enticing CTA.

Finally, avoid using tiny fonts. At a minimum, use a 12-point font.

If you design your emails with those simple tips in mind, your readers will see a great email on whichever device they decide to use.


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