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03.08.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course Introduction to inbound sales by HubSpot Academy


You’ve made it to the final class of the inbound sales course adapted for HighBrow! Let’s review what you’ve learned and give you some next steps to continue your inbound sales education.

1. Inbound sales transforms sales to match the way people buy. Whether we are talking about an inbound lead or a targeted outreach, big company or small, complex sale or simple, inbound sales applies. Inbound sales transforms selling to match today’s empowered buyer.

2. The first step in transforming to an inbound sales model is to understand the way your customers buy your product or service. This process is often referred to as the buyer’s journey.

3. Inbound sales teams build a sales process that supports the buyer through their journey. As a result, the salesperson and the buyer feel like they are aligned rather than at odds with one another through the buying and selling process.

4. Inbound salespeople identify “strangers” who may have goals or challenges they can help with. These “strangers” become “leads.”

5. Inbound salespeople connect with these “leads” to help them decide whether they should prioritize the goal or challenge. If the buyer decides to prioritize the goal or challenge, these “leads” become “qualified leads.”

6. Inbound salespeople explore the goals or challenges with these “qualified leads” to assess whether the salesperson’s offering is a good fit for their context. If the salesperson’s offering is a good fit, these “qualified leads” become “opportunities.”

7. Inbound salespeople advise these “opportunities” on the ways in which their offering is uniquely positioned to address the buyer’s context. If the buyer agrees the salesperson’s offering is best for them, these “opportunities” become “customers.”

By mapping out your buyer’s journey and creating a sales process that ushers prospects through that journey in a helpful manner, you’re well on your way to becoming an inbound sales pro! Remember, your buyers are more informed than ever. Take time to research and solve their needs and you’ll gain their trust and close more deals in less time.

Congratulations! You just finished the first class in HubSpot Academy’s free inbound sales certification course adapted for HighBrow. We hope you learned the basics of inbound sales and how to be a more helpful salesperson.

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