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05.05.2017 |

Episode #8 of the course The fundamentals of PPC by Jessie Leong


When you’re ready to elevate your campaigns to another level, there’s a plethora of handy tools out there to give you a helping hand on the way.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to go through the inner workings of each of them, but hopefully this guide will be a good starting point.

PPC Hero: PPC Hero is a blog that every PPC marketer needs in their life. PPC Hero is a one-stop shop for industry insights, the latest updates, and tips. They also offer useful webinars hosted by Hanapin Marketing with subject matter ranging from broad overviews to niche topics for viewers to sink their teeth into.

Blogs: There’s plenty of other blogs written by experts that also offer useful PPC tips, too. Some of my favorites include Wordstream and Kissmetrics. Sign up to their mailing lists to make sure you don’t miss a vital update!

AdWords & Bing Ad Editors: These two tools can be downloaded from your respective AdWords and/or Bing interfaces, and I swear by both of them when I’m making bulk changes to my account. Why? Changes won’t be implemented until they’re uploaded to your account, which means you can build a campaign over a few days until it’s ready to go live and double check for typos in ad copy.

AdWords Scripts: AdWords Scripts can help you automate different elements of PPC; this could be the repetitive account management tasks, or you could use a script to get automated weekly reports on competitor insights. There’s a plethora of possibilities. If JavaScript isn’t your thing, fear not; you don’t need to write these scripts to get started. There’s plenty of excellent scripts available on the web. I’d recommend checking out Brainlabs’ Scripts archive as a starting point.

MS Excel: Microsoft Excel is a PPC marketer’s best friend. Use pivot tables to analyze your ad performance on a granular level, or use the VLOOKUP function to compare account performance for two different months. If all of this sounds like a foreign language to you, fear not. PPC Hero has an extensive guide to using Excel.

Hopefully this short guide can help you take your campaigns to the next level. Which of these tools will you be trying first?

We’re quickly coming to the end of the course, and tomorrow we’ll be talking about the future trends of PPC we all need to consider. See you then!

Recommended reading: If you’re using Excel to analyze your PPC accounts for the first time, I recommend starting with PPC Hero’s guide.


Recommended book

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth by Gabriel Weinberg, Justin Mares


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