Case Study: AnswerDash (Part 2)

11.01.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course “SEO Fundamentals” by HubSpot Academy


Let’s continue reviewing SEO best practices with our example company, AnswerDash.

Are they linking to other sources?




They are—both internal and external sources, in fact. And their hyperlinked text contains relevant keywords that they’d like to rank for.

Finally, are they offering a good user experience?




Their website is intuitive and easy to browse; the navigation is clear. They’re providing clear next steps and offering visitors a free account, which will help to convert those visitors into leads. They’ve also created a platform for logging in, which will help their customers get to where they need to be.

Next, let’s look at a blog post that they’ve written.



They’re addressing a common topic that their buyer personas might want to learn about—what to figure out before hiring another customer support agent.

Second, they’re mimicking the language that their buyer personas would use, like “figuring out.”

Third, their blog post focuses on a long-tail keyword—“hiring another customer support agent”—which is easier to rank for because it’s more niche, more specific, and more targeted.

Finally, they’ve used natural language and variations on the long-tail keyword.

Next, have they optimized this page?




Again, they have their primary long-tail keyword in the page title, URL, and body, and though you can’t see it, behind the image in the alt-text.

Next, are they linking to other sources?




Again, they are—both internal and external sources, with keywords in the hyperlink.

Next, are they promoting their content?




You can see that they have prominent social sharing buttons, which means that visitors can share the article themselves. They’ve also promoted this content on their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles.

Finally, how well has AnswerDash built outside relationships and gotten other people and websites linking to them?




Look at related articles from outside sources in a Google search of the company name. It appears they’ve got VentureBeat and Geekwire writing about them.

Looks like AnswerDash is doing pretty well for themselves and are on the right track to improving their rank for this keyword, thus bringing some quality visitors to their site.


Recommended book

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